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Reiki Energy Healing

About Lindsi

Lindsi Lou

Your Self-Love Sherpa

The Resilient by Lindsi Lou is a boutique spiritual enterprise, proudly owned and operated by a passionate advocate for resilience and self-discovery. Embark on your journey of self-love and healing by booking a session with Lindsi today.



30-Minute Energetic Clearing Session

Lindsi has custom created several beautiful tea blends for me. Some to aid me in my sleep, some when I was getting sick that promoted wellness & healing quickly and one of the most special, a harmonious heart opening blend for a sacred women’s event that I hold. Each one unique in color and flavor. Each one with created with love, intention and the highest quality ingredients. Things like butterfly pea flower, lotus flower, lions mane, dandelion, rose and so much more! If you are a tea lover like me or have a tea lover in your life, I highly recommend her beautiful custom blended teas!

- Malorie Avaline


Lindsi is a miracle worker! Because of her I have completely tapped into my spiritual side and also opened my mind up to different healing modalities. I had never tried Reiki but spun the wheel and was pleasantly surprised by the kickstart it gave me to delving deeper into myself and what truly makes me tick. It helped in clearing negativity I had held for so long! Super thankful for her loving guidance and affirmations!!

- Rachel Rouse

Working with Lindsi Lou is such an energetic pleasure. She pushes me, with Unconditional Love, beyond my comfort zone, into uncharted territory, where the possibilities for growth are infinite. Her warm and vibrant essence invigorates and inspires me. Her ability to connect and help women connect with themselves is such a beautiful gift that she shares through her energy work, Women’s Circles, and everyday interactions! She pours her passion and love into every single thing she touches. Her entire Rose collection of oils, powders, and salts are off the chain! Her energetic charging sends me into bliss!! I love my Lindsi Lou!!!

- Lindley Stone


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